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Unleash powerful Digital Signal Processing on any platform

At Top Notch DSP, we push the boundaries of innovation in Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Our experience in audio processing, embedded hardware development, and wireless communications enables the creation of new experiences that bridge our computers, devices, and experiences.

What Sets Us Apart

  • ✓ Audio Excellence: Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound experiences as we intricately process and enhance audio signals, delivering immersive and crystal-clear audio quality.
  • ✓ Wireless Mastery: Seamlessly navigate the complex spectrum of wireless communications. Our familiarity with LoRa, BlueTooth, and Wi-Fi ensures efficient processing, decoding, and transmission.
  • ✓ Platform Flexibility: Whether you operate on x64 architectures, mobile devices, or embedded systems, our DSP solutions are tailored to suit your platform, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
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Integrated DSP Solutions

Digital Signal Processing
From signal analysis to algorithm implementation, we deliver solutions that enhance the fidelity, performance, and efficiency of your systems.
Embedded Systems
Whether it's real-time operating systems (RTOS), bare-metal firmware, or hardware integration, we ensure your embedded systems operate reliably.
Schematic Capture
We meticulously design and document electronic circuits while providing you with a clear roadmap for your hardware development.
Prototyping & Testing
We provide prototypes and ensure your product meets requirements with thorough quality testing and rigorous compliance.
App & Plugin Development
From intuitive applications to innovative plugins, we craft integrated solutions that seamlessly enhance device functionality and user engagement.
IoT Communications
Our expertise in communication technologies such as Bluetooth, LoRa, and Wi-FI enables standardized, robust, and low-power connectivity.
Build your vision.
At Top Notch DSP, we're more than just engineers; we're architects of innovation. Our team excels in Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Development, Schematic Capture, App & Plugin Development, IoT Communications, and Prototyping & Testing. Whether you're launching a groundbreaking product or enhancing an existing system, we bring expertise, precision, and creativity to the table.
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