Top Notch DSP
Embedded Digital Signal Processing Integrator
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What we believe in
User-focused design
We understand that the success of our products is directly linked to the satisfaction and ease of use for those who interact with them.

Continuous learning
We foster a culture of curiosity and experimentation, encouraging our team to explore new ideas and push boundaries.

We believe that simplicity enhances user experience, making our products more accessible and intuitive.

What we do

We design signal processing equipment, including algorithms and applications, embedded routines and networks, and hardware schematics and prototypes.

We are always learning new technologies, so please, don't hesitate to contact us about any of your signal processing needs.

A circuit board with a Saleae logic analyzer.

Who we are

Kris Keillor founded and operates
Top Notch DSP. Our engineering and design capacities are detailed on the services page.

Does your project have ergonomic, social, or artistic requirements? We're a perfect match. Learn more on the about page.

A PLC Test Bench.
Build your vision.
At Top Notch DSP, we're more than just engineers; we're architects of innovation. Our team excels in Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Development, Schematic Capture, App & Plugin Development, IoT Communications, and Prototyping & Testing. Whether you're launching a groundbreaking product or enhancing an existing system, we bring expertise, precision, and creativity to the table.
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