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My professional experience includes software quality assurance, information technology installation and administration, industrial electrical engineering, as well as artistic and design work with many mediums and tooling.

After studying electrical and computer engineering in undergrad, I had the strange fortune of freelancing for D. Robert Hoover, a well-respected engineer specializing in high-performance audio systems.

Working with Bob helped me apply my extensive skills in software development to audio programming for the first time, and helped me to expand my interest in control systems and signal processing past industrial systems.

I am now striving to develop my technical skills in a cluster of Digital Signal Processing fields including software, hardware, and networking.

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Kris Keillor
Top Notch DSP, LLC

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At Top Notch DSP, we're more than just engineers; we're architects of innovation. Our team excels in Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Development, Schematic Capture, App & Plugin Development, IoT Communications, and Prototyping & Testing. Whether you're launching a groundbreaking product or enhancing an existing system, we bring expertise, precision, and creativity to the table.
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